BDC Data Protection Policy

Keeping your data safe

The personal information required to register players and parents/guardians and subsequent activity data is kept by BDC for the purposes of cricket development. It is only shared with appropriate overarching and governing body organisations namely; The London Borough of Bexley, The Kent Cricket Board, The England and Wales Cricket Board and Your contact details will be used to contact you by posted mail, email and text only to alert you to appropriate cricket development information and activity opportunities. Your data will not be shared with any other organisations.

Image Collection and Publication

Still and moving images may be taken during coaching activities operated by BDC and subsequently stored for future use. These images will only be used appropriately for cricket development by the organisations stated above in the data protection paragraph. Images may be used on all forms of media including the internet. No images where individuals are specifically named will be used or published without prior consent of the registered adult. The copyright of images and footage taken will remain the property of the photographer or filmer. Unless informed otherwise, upon player registration or subsequently in writing, it will be assumed that permission is given for players to have their images taken and stored in line with these good practice guidelines.

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