Who are we?

Richard O'Sullivan

An ECB Level 3 coach, Richard has been a professional cricket coach for over twenty years. During that time has been involved in numerous elite coaching programmes for ICC, ECB & KCC. As part of his role in cricket he has coached in over 20 countries and he was Director of the ICC-Europe Centre of Excellence from 2002-2012. As a player, he regularly represented the Kent League and CCC sides and has been on five tours with the CCC, including South Africa, the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.

As the Bexley District Cricket Development Officer, Richard has been involved on a daily basis in creating a pathway for players to be able to maximise their talent whilst enjoying the game. Over the years, the system has produced a large number of quality 1st XI cricketers, as well as players who now have full professional contracts.

Daniel Corbett

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David Pesk

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Jake Kendall

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Joe Russell

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Steven King

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