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Working with... develops and supplies innovative cricket resources for coaches, teachers and parents. With Richard O'Sullivan as its Director it is also the parent company of Bexley District Cricket, cross funding a number of the programmes that allow cricket to flourish in the local community.


The British Assessment Bureau (BAB) certify organisations to recognised standards and provide the associated training to ensure that businesses are efficient and working to a high standard.

Bexley District Cricket are very proud to be able to have the British Assessment Bureau as a partner in our Area Cricket Programme.  Their support for the boys and girls Bashers teams has amazingly been in place since 1999.  Without their help access to this performance level of the game would be financially prohibitive to many.

Wise Insurance is an insurance services company based in Beckenham and the broker that Bexley District Cricket use for all our insurance requirements. They provide a friendly, professional and independent service.

Wise Insurance's assistance with the BDC Mini Super 8s Festivals means that the five clubs in the borough can offer competitive softball cricket to year 3 and 4 chidlren. From this the children will hopefully become fully engaged in their club and develop a love for the game for the rest of their lives. is a local driving school run by one of our coaches, David Pask. Working alongside Dave are other valued members of our team such as Steve King and Joe Russell. Their teaching and coaching experience allows them to offer high quality lessons with a smile.

Their support of the BDC Academy is invaluable as they ensure our fixture programme is managed and coached by truly professional coaches.  Often coaching those they are also teaching to drive!


The Community Team is a department of Kent Cricket. It manages recreational cricket in Kent, from its grass root foundations through to the interface with the first class game and beyond. Its mission is to encourage, support and promote participation and development of the game at all levels, ages and abilities, and promote excellence in playing, coaching, officiating and the quality of both playing surfaces and social accommodation facilities.

Bexley District Cricket works to complete the strategic plan of the Bexley District Cricket Development Group, a body that Kent Community Cricket (KCC) are also constituent members of.  Where possible KCC supports BDC to access National and Local programmes that benefit the local cricket community.  Currently there is a small annual subsidy to the Area Cricket Programme as well as the opportunity to bid for occasional bespoke targeted funding streams.  The working relationshiphand between BDC and KCC is an excellent one and we are proud to be associated with the Kent brand.


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