The Bexley District Cricket Academy has operated since 2012-13. Prior to its formal establishment our system produced many talented players who have gone on to represent clubs and in some case teams at higher representative level. These include Adam Ball and Adam Riley who have full-time contracts with Kent County Cricket Club.

Players who have completed the Academy up to the Under 18 age range (year 13) are awarded the status ‘Alumni’. This is a list of those players who graduated along with the club they were representing at that time.


Cohort Graduating 2016-17

James Burford Bexley CC
Alexander Hill Bexley CC
Oliver Robinson Beckenham CC
Ahmad Abdul Wahid Bexleyheath CC
Alfie Wheeler Belvedere CC
Matthew Williamson Belvedere CC

Cohort Graduating 2015-16

Alistair Barker Dartfordians CC
Harry Brooker Sidcup CC
Peter Burch Sidcup CC
Matthew George Bexley CC
Lalit Mangalarapu Sidcup CC
Tom Nichols Dartfordians CC
Bradley Sargent Sidcup CC
Ciaran Smyth Bexleyheath CC
Fred Woodgate Bexley CC

Cohort Graduating 2014-15

Jake Barkway Bexley CC
Sam Brady Dartfordians CC

Cohort Graduating 2013-14

Jas Bassan Bexley CC
Angus Dalgleish Bexley CC
Harry Furze Bexley CC
David Hathrill Dartfordians CC
Alex McCann Bexleyheath CC
Fraser McWhinnie Bexleyheath CC
Christian Stent Dartford CC
Louie Terry Bexley CC

Cohort Graduating 2012-13

Matthew Lanning Dartfordians CC
Michael Maietta Bexley CC
Jordan Parkinson Bexley CC
Alex Picksley Bexley CC
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