The Bexley District Cricket Academy has operated since 2012-13. The academy is split into two squads, the under 15-16 age range (Year 10 and 11) and the under 17-18 age range (Year 12 and 13). All squads receive high quality coaching from the directors and various guest coaches, along with fitness and wellbeing sessions.

This is a list of the current cohort of Academy Scholars along with their age group the club they represent.

Under 15-16
Seb Naylor 14 Bexley CC
Marcus Ritson 14 Bexley CC
Karanjot Singh 14 Bexleyheath CC
Jonathan Aderanti 15 None
Samuel Chattaway 15 Sidcup CC
Thomas Copp 15 Sidcup CC
Joshua Curtis 15 Bexley CC
Eddie Finnemore 15 Bexley CC
Ollie Greenhead 15 Sidcup CC
Joseph Harris 15 Bexley CC
Joseph Howard 15 Bexley CC
Daniel Mitchell 15 Dartfordians CC
Finlay Nichols 15 Dartfordians CC
Harry Taylor 15 Sidcup CC
Samuel Wakeman 15 Bexley CC
James Willis 15 Bexley CC
Andrew Copp 16 Sidcup CC
Jake Fairman 16 Dartfordians CC
Archie Langley 16 Bexleyheath CC
George Monk 16 Bexleyheath CC
Rohan Moon 16 Bexley CC
Nicholas Parnham 16 Bexleyheath CC
Aaron Thomas 16 Sidcup CC
Georgia Tyler 16 Sidcup CC
Robert Woods 16 Sidcup CC
Under 17-18
Sam Barton 17 Bexley CC
Ryan Frisby 17 Bexleyheath CC
Billy Harris 17 Dartfordians CC
Nathan Harris 17 Bexley CC
Lucas Hart 17 Bexley CC
Archie Hobbs-Moore 17 Bexley CC
Oskar Lewns 17 Sidcup CC
Laiq Nagi 17 Sidcup CC
Hasan Rahij 17 Sidcup CC
Alexander Shanks 17 Bexley CC
Ashoquallah Sultankmil 17 Bexleyheath CC
Pravan Thind 17 Dartford
Jamie Tibbs 17 Bexleyheath CC
James Burford 18 Bexley CC
Alexander Hill 18 Bexley CC
Simon Lanning 18 Dartfordians CC
Oliver Robinson 18 Sidcup CC
Ahmad Abdul Wahid 18 Bexleyheath CC
Alfie Wheeler 18 Belvedere CC
Matthew Williamson 18 Belvedere CC
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