What we are about

At BDC we understand that children want to have fun, and this is at the heart of everything that we do. While our courses provide a technical knowledge for our players, the most important aspect of our sessions is the opportunities they provide to play cricket.

We give every child the chance to be taught by our qualified coaches, but also to learn independently, and develop their confidence, team work and communication. We aim not only to teach the children the rules of cricket, but the spirit in which it is played, incorporating significant life lessons into cricket skills and games. It may not be the case that all of those that attend our courses will continue to play cricket in the future, but we hope that they take these valuable lessons with them on whatever path they choose.

Ultimately, we believe in the power of people. The difference, however great or small, that can be made by the inspirational coach or the interested parent. We have been fortunate to experience the positive benefits of sport and we want to pass those experiences on to the next generation.

Bexley has a very strong cricketing tradition, and has seen many players go into the county set-up, including current Kent players such as Adam Ball and Adam Riley. There is no better testimonial for the organisation than the fact that many of our coaches and young leaders first came to the game as 5, 6 or 7 year olds on our courses.

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