Image Policy

Capturing, Publishing and Storing Images and Footage

BDC Photography, Filming and Social Media Guidelines

BDC wishes to ensure photography and video footage taken within cricket is done so appropriately. Parents and carers should not be prevented from taking pictures of, or filming, their children. These are normal family practices and help mark milestones in a child’s life. The introduction of proportionate controls on the use of photographic equipment (cameras, and videos, including mobile phones) is part of general safeguarding good practice in any environment.  For the avoidance of doubt, these guidelines also apply to live broadcasts on social media or other platforms.

We believe the guidelines provide the basis for a safe environment and are simple enough to practically apply.


Upon initial registration with BDC parental image consent is sought.  Note that prior to 25th May 2018 this was historically an opt-out clause.  From 25th May 2018 it is a specific opt in consent in line with photographic images coming under new data protection regulations.


Subject to consent;

  1. BDC - We will capture images and footage of players in our programmes to promote the cricket development activities your child will be involved with.
  2. Parents and carers - should not be prevented from taking pictures of, or filming, their children.

Where consent has not been granted for images or filming to take place, coaches should possess this information and share this information with anyone who may wish to take images/film.  This applies to opposition teams where the coach should share this information with the opposition management.

Any images captured should only be done so when children are in dressed appropriately in a cricket environment, e.g. leisure, training or cricket clothing.

Capturing video as a coaching aid:

BDC may use video/recording apps as a legitimate coaching aid. This is subject to the same good practice capture, publication and storage guidelines as for images and footage.


  1. BDC - Captured images may be published on our social media platforms or in various advertising mediums, eg, posters, leaflets and banners.  We DO NOT use names with the images/footage that are published.  Where names are used in reports, they will not be accompanied by images and vice versa.
  2. Parents and carers - we ask that we are all mindful of our child safeguarding responsibilities. Images and/or footage published on social media platforms are done so in private groups and not on public forums.  Images and footage shared MUST NOT include any personal identifiers e.g. names.




  1. BDC - Captured images may be stored for future use in our secure password protected storage facility. Only appropriately trained personnel will have access to the stored images.
  2. Parents and carers – please only store images of your own children and where the images include others this storage should take place in a secure environment only you can access.


The copyright of images and footage taken will remain the property of either BDC or the parent/carer taking the photograph.


Material must be deleted or destroyed when a parent requests this, or when the material is no longer needed.


Concerns regarding inappropriate, or intrusive, photography should be reported to the BDC Welfare Officer and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection or safeguarding concern.

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